Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Help save New York City's horse carriage industry!

Teamster Brother Steve Malone
Our Teamster brothers and sisters in New York City are fighting to save 300 good Teamster jobs and the iconic horse carriage industry.

The horse carriages in New York are highly regulated, and Central Park horses are treated humanely and respectfully. The horses work no more than nine hours a day, are protected from working in extreme weather conditions, receive five weeks of vacation a year, must pass bi-annual physicals by veterinarians, and also receive retirement.

Not only are the horses well cared for, but this industry also supports hundreds of New York City workers who are employed as drivers, stable workers, and blacksmiths, as well as their families.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is trying to ban the horse carriages, so we need your help to save them. A huge majority of New Yorkers oppose banning the carriage horses, along with the New York Times, the Daily News, the New York Post, and Liam Neeson. It seems like the only person in New York who wants to ban the horses from Central Park is Bill de Blasio.

Please tell your Council Member to defend our Teamster brothers and sisters. Click here to find your Council Member. 

On almost every other issue, the Teamsters support Mayor de Blasio - but we can't stand by while 300 workers, who have done nothing wrong, lose their jobs. 

Please contact your Council Member and tell him/her to support good Teamster jobs in New York City and oppose the Mayor’s plan to shut down the famous Central Park horse carriage industry. Click here to find your Council Member and send a message today. 

Thank you for standing with them.