Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Teamster Power on and off the job!

Local 25 Teamster Leslie Russell
Every year at the Teamsters Women’s Conference, one local woman is presented with an award for her activism. This year, Leslie Russell, a nine-year member of Local 25 in Boston, was recognized for her involvement in union activities in support of her Teamster sisters and brothers.

At the conference, Teamsters took time to remember sisters who passed away this year, including Clara Day, a longtime member, and union and civil rights activist. They also remembered Barbara Liddy, a woman who wore many hats in the union and is remembered for her commitment and dedication to her fellow Teamsters.

For the first time this year, the annual award that Russell received was named the “Barbara Liddy Teamster Woman Activist Award.” Among her countless roles, Liddy was Recording-Secretary and Political Coordinator for Local 396 in Covina, Calif., and had previously spoken at the conference.

Ron Herrera, IBT International Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer of Local 396, said:
She was a great example of a strong, outspoken woman in the Teamsters. She had courage beyond belief and fear never stopped her.
Russell is also a strong, committed Teamster woman, who was honored this year for her work in her union and community. Russell counsels Teamsters with stress and sleep issues, mental health issues, addiction, health and wellness and other concerns.

Upon receiving the award, Russell said:
I work with the belief that no one should suffer in silence, and this conference rejuvenates me to do the best that I can. I really enjoy working with and helping the members. I’m so grateful to be a Teamster.
Through the Local 25 and Joint Council 10 women’s committees, Russell takes part in a variety of community projects, including outreach to homeless women and walks to benefit multiple sclerosis research, among others. She works on the Local 25 Autism Committee, which plans a hugely successful annual gala to raise funds for autism research. And she volunteers at the Boston Marathon medical tent as part of a mental health team.