Friday, October 1, 2010

Driving Across the Country for Jobs and Justice

Luis Ceja drove for a week from California to join the many thousands of people converging on Washington for the One Nation Working Together march on Oct. 2.

Ceja, a port organizer with Joint Council 42, drove a 35-foot RV with nine young bloggers who stopped along the way to talk to Americans about their hopes and struggles. Joined by Alfredo Oswaldo Hernandez, a port organizer with Local 572, they recorded their experiences at (Click on “RV Across One Nation.”)

“I came here for jobs and justice,” Ceja said. “I came to show that the Teamstersare not afraid to get involved. I came to show the Teamsters believe that every working person in America should have a good job.”

“To be part of this is a learning experience, especially with the kids,” Ceja said. “They were Japanese, Muslim, Latino, men, women, meat-eaters, vegetarian. They say, ‘We’re one nation.’”

There were a lot of ups and downs on the trip, said a tired-looking Ceja on Friday afternoon. “We were like a family by the end.”