Thursday, September 2, 2010

When the Koch brothers tell you to "Rally for Jobs"... can pretty much bet that's the last thing they want. Think Progress tells us about the latest "up is down" campaign from the polluting billionaire brothers. Look for the "Rallies for Jobs" in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Illinois, and Ohio. They're not really about jobs, of course; they're about gutting environmental laws.

Money quotes:

...the Koch brothers and various Koch-funded organizations have also been actively trying to roll back existing clean air and clean energy laws — both at the state and national levels.

Just yesterday, the Center for American Progress released a report showing that a concerted national energy efficiency program (i.e using less energy, not more) could create 625,000 sustained jobs over ten years, spark $500 billion in investment, and save ratepayers $64 billion that they could then use more productively.
Not to mention it would reduce our dependence on foreign oil and all the problems that entails...