Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hey, here's someone who gets it

Mother Jones' David Corn interviews Tom Perriello, a freshman Democrat who's running for re-election to Congress from a Republican district in Virginia.

Here's the money quote from Perriello:

"I don't see the dividing line as liberal versus conservative. It's populist versus corporatist. If we're not standing up to the most powerful interests, where is the Democratic Party?"


"We're not producing anything anymore. The elites in both parties are too close to Wall Street. If jobs are created in India, that's fine with them."

This is a guy who told his party leaders they should introduce a new jobs bill every week to force Republicans to take a stand. He says it's embarrassing that Congress took a six-week vacation. He believe Washington has no idea how serious the jobs crisis is.

Read the whole thing here.