Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stockholder Day

Hyatt Hotels outsources its housekeeping staff, throwing long-time employees out of work. Kevin Cullen of The Boston Globe has a terrific column about it.
They had a demonstration outside the downtown Hyatt the other day, to commemorate the anniversary of the firing of 98 housekeepers at Hyatt hotels in and around Boston. ...Wanda Rosario ... suffered more than the indignity of losing her housekeeping job of 23 years there; she unwittingly trained her replacement, a woman who is being paid a lot less to do a lot more.

She saw a lot of old friends and former coworkers. “Some of them looked so skinny,’’ she said.She attributed the weight loss to stress. Or maybe some of them aren’t spending as much on food.

Rosario doesn't see the point of a Labor Day holiday, since workers are no longer valued. She suggests we call it "Stockholder Day."