Wednesday, January 6, 2016

VIDEO: NYC carriage drivers thank public for support

For two years, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has tried to outlaw the beloved Central Park horse carriages that have become part of the fabric of the nation's largest city. And for two years, he has failed.

In fact, he has gone as far to admit he doesn't have the votes to get it done. That is simply amazing, given how much of a priority he made putting 300 horse-carriage drivers out of work once taking office. But it a testament to the resolve of those workers and Teamsters Local 553 who have stood side-by-side to stall the effort.

That said, the success of keeping New York City's iconic carriages going couldn't have been accomplished without the public and advocates like The New York Daily News. The drivers and the union are aware of that, so they made the video above to thank supporters, city residents and others from around the world for rallying to their side.