Wednesday, December 16, 2015

VIDEO: Here's what some will do for paid family leave

The U.S. maybe know as the Land of Opportunity, but it fails to provide many basic necessities to its workers that other nations around the world make available. 

Chief among those is paid family leave, which the Teamsters and other advocates have stood up for in the past as a necessary provision to help female and male providers better provide for their families. Currently, 87 percent of Americans don't receive any, and thus are left in a real conundrum when they have children.

Last month, the Economic Policy Institute introduced a 12-point policy for making women's lives better, and paid leave was part of it. Now, some in Hollywood and in the entertainment industry are joining in to demand it as well.

As the video above shows, their message isn't subtle. But hopefully it will be effective in bringing more dignity to workers.