Friday, June 12, 2015

Maine UPS worker saves a life!

UPS worker Bob Didonato
Thanks to Traci Place, business agent with Local 340, for bringing this story to our attention.

Bob Didonato, a Local 340 member who works as a South Portland, Maine UPS local sort employee, discovered a misdirected letter that was found while sorting letterbox pickups. To determine where it should be sorted, he had to look at it more closely. It became clear that the letter contained a cry for help.

Since it was not addressed properly, Didonato looked into it more closely and found that the person was sending out what appeared to be their last respects and were fearful for the care of their pet. Since the letter seemed very serious, Didonato contacted local authorities.

The quick response of the South Portland and Portland police departments, combined with Didonato's involvement, led to the misdirected sender getting the professional help that was so badly needed.

Way to go Brother! The community and customers that you serve are a better place because you are in it.