Monday, June 22, 2015

Fast track's finale could be upon us; make your voice heard!

Confused about where things stand with fast track? You're not alone.

Legislation that began in the Senate and failed its first procedural hurdle made it out of the chamber last month. However, once in the House, fast track failed on its first vote. That is, until its corporate crony supporters rejiggered the rules so they could bring back a different version of fast track that passed the House last week.

So now, the Senate needs to vote on fast track again because the House-approved bill is different from the one the Senate initially passed. The first, and likely most important, vote will probably happen tomorrow.
Fast track foes spoke out against the bill earlier this month.
This legislation's path is convoluted, and that's what its supporters want. But the primary message is not. Fast track will result in thousands of U.S. jobs being shipped overseas, and will lead to a reduction in pay for many of the American jobs that remain in this country. It will allow unsafe food and products to flow freely onto this nation's shores. It won't do anything to stop other countries from manipulating their currency to make their products cheap in the U.S. and ours more expensive overseas. And it will allow foreign corporations to sue America to overturn our democratic laws.

Frankly, it's hard to imagine how the process has gotten to this point. Fast track will allow trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership to be rushed through Congress with little debate and no chance to be amended. That takes the power away from lawmakers. They are left to only rubber stamp trade pacts.

Senators who support fair trade and workers really only have one choice at this point -- vote NO on fast track. But they need to hear from their constituents.

The fight for hardworking Americans could end tomorrow if lawmakers decide to turn away from the people and endorse the views of the powerful. Don't let that happen.