Monday, August 30, 2010

Links 08/30/10

Striking Coke workers left without health care KOMO-TV ...Teamsters ...and their families find themselves in a scary spot without health benefits.

Century City janitors' strike spotlights workers' plight Los Angeles Times ...16 of the janitors who clean the high-rises that are home to some of the world's richest talent agencies, financial service companies and law firms were laid off.

Technical workers at Genesys Regional Medical Center reject contract; hospital prepares for a strike Flint Journal ...It’s almost official: the strike is on.

Free market has turned us into 'Matrix' drones The Independent ...A leading economist has likened the nation's acceptance of free-market capitalism to that of the brainwashed characters in the film The Matrix...

Wal-Mart suit over sex bias carries high stakes New York Times ...just a third of Wal-Mart’s managers were women, even though two-thirds of its employees were.

China Defends Control of Rare Earth Exports as Move to Protect Environment Bloomberg ...China defended its controls on exports of rare earth...