Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Links 08/04/10

Ensuring Another 75 Years of Social Security Huffington Post ...there is one federal program that has remained consistently popular since it was first signed into law 75 years ago this month: Social Security.

Obama Courts Labor Support for Trade Deal Wall Street Journal ...The Obama administration is promising labor unions that it will enforce a range of worker protections in new trade pacts in an effort to win labor's support of a revised South Korea free-trade agreement.

Smoother Ride for Auto-Parts Makers Wall Street Journal ...Now, the U.S.-based automotive suppliers are not only doing better, but they are profitable, their stocks are surging, they are hiring...

Dollar Thrifty Rejects Avis Bid Reuters

More Workers Face Pay Cuts, Not Furloughs New York Times ...Local and state governments, as well as some companies, are squeezing their employees to work the same amount for less money in cost-saving measures that are often described as a last-ditch effort to avoid layoffs.

Rolling Museum Casts Light on Current-Day Forced Labor New York Times ...Institutionalized slavery may have largely gone by the wayside in the United States around 1865, but that does not mean it has entirely vanished.

Top state court keeps union proposition off November ballot Arizona Daily Sun ...Arizonans won't be able to vote in November to make it harder for unions to organize, at least not unless legislators fix it -- and quickly.