Saturday, November 5, 2011

Congressman: 'It's good to be with the 1%'

Not what you'd call a smart man.
We're not kidding. Teamsters heard Florida congressman John Mica utter those very words. 
Mica is so virulently anti-worker that he was willing to force his own constituents out of their jobs. He's the bozo who shut down the FAA. Now he wants to destroy Amtrak. Talk about a baby with a nail gun.
Anyhoo, Mica was speaking on Tuesday at RailTrends 2011, a confab for the rail industry in New York City. Our brothers from the Teamsters Rail Conference were there along with the 1 percent. They couldn't quite believe their ears, but when Mica took the podium he actually said it:
It's good to be with the 1 percent.
We'd like to remind the congressman of his math. "Ninety nine" is greater than "one," and he has to win "51" percent of the vote to stay in his nice nailgun-wielding office.