Friday, June 18, 2010

Does BP really care about the small people?

Here’s a shock (not): BP is underreporting the number of workers who’ve been hurt or sickened during the Gulf cleanup, according to Michael Whitney at firedoglake.

No one should expect BP to show any concern for its workers. CEO Tony Hayward actually complained, “I’d like my life back” – just weeks after 11 BP workers lost their lives in the rig explosion. He later apologized.

Gordon Jones was one of the workers who died in the fire. His brother Chris said BP never called the family to offer condolences.

Now, apparently, working conditions for the cleanup workers suck. Mother Jones reports that workers don’t have respirators or protective clothing. If they ask for a medic’s help they’re automatically drug tested. And the company keeps losing their checks.

Seems they really don’t care about the small people.