Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fred Smith has a strange idea about drivers

The union-busting FedEx CEO seems to think package delivery drivers are airline pilots. Today we launched a very funny video showing how ridiculous that claim is.

Coincidentally, today's the day Congress extended a bill called "FAA Reauthorization" for another two months. Fourteen years ago, FAA Reauthorization was the way Fred Smith got his special deal.

Smith convinced Congress to put FedEx Express employees under the Railway Labor Act, even though it covers only airlines and railroads. The RLA creates barriers for local union organizing, making it as hard for unions to organize at FedEx as Mormons to organize under Stalin (to borrow Harold Meyerson's line from today's Washington Post op-ed ).

The House of Representatives has voted to take Fred Smith’s legal loophole away from him in this year’s FAA Reauthorization bill. As the legislation makes its way through Congress, Fred Smith is desperately trying to hang on to his special deal.

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