Friday, March 1, 2013

Woo-hoo! Another Teamster organizing victory in CA!

Please welcome our 191 new brothers and sisters who voted today to join Local 683 in San Diego. They are sanitation drivers, helpers, mechanics and yard crew from El Cajon’s Waste Management facility.

Workers came together to form their union because of escalating disrespect from management. The company made abrupt and unfair changes in policy and fired or laid off more than 20 workers.

Todd Mendez, secretary-treasurer of Local 683, said he welcomed the newest members with great pride.
The worker committee did phenomenally well and was the driving force in this victory. They stood strong in the face of an extremely intense union-busting campaign. I would also like to thank the Teamsters Organizing Department for their staff and imperative support on this significant campaign.
Gustavo Mitre, a 10-year employee and committee member, said the win was a long time coming:
Our strength and unity led us to victory and helped us overcome the company’s threats and intimidation tactics.
The workers withstood a strong anti-union campaign that included empty promises, captive audience meetings and threats. Waste Management also brought in workers from other locations whose sole purpose was to try to bust the union drive, intimidate workers and tell lies about organizing attempts at other facilities. The company’s tactics not only failed but further angered and empowered workers.

Welcome to our great union!