Thursday, January 3, 2013

What nonunion people say about unions

That pretty much sums it up.
We published a popular post the other day about what real union members really say about unions. Someone asked what non-union members say about unions. So we cut-and-paste some comments from the Teamsters Facebook page:

Felicia Dominguez
My wages are flat for 20 years and I have no benefits. GO UNION!
John Voss
Living in a right to work state is a nightmare! I live in florida where we have the 6th lowest median income Please educate the people how bad it is! Please don't let this happen to everyone! The civil war is over and so should this gift to companies. 
Just sayin'.
Travis Lowry
You guys provided security for my parents for over 30 years locals 848, 324 ..for that sole reason i have had opportunities many have not, moving to Arizona before i relocated i held a steady job from 15 years old till i was 23 in the past year it this god forsaken right to work state i have had to work through non paid lunches,worked under the table, not paid overtime, less than livable wages and have be cursed at asked to work in unsafe environments bounced paychecks and have been through 5 jobs. Only now do i understand the power of the brotherhood. abolish the right to work ... so others like me can have a chance at our future thank you teamsters, i am and always will be forever great full
Lawrence D. Leip
Never was a union member, I'm an attorney. But the need for unions is undeniable. Without unions, workers do not have the protections they need, whether legislative or in the workplace.
Jeffery Moore
You thugs make the country run smooth. Thank you for all you do!
Joni Lockaby Buss
I was a teamster years ago. They ALWAYS took excellent care of their workers. We always got paid well, had the best insurance that was affordable, most holidays off (and if we worked we got double time AND holiday pay!), and the company was not able to jerk us around like so many do!
Shelagh McNary Mayhew
Thank you for all that your organization has done for the American worker. All unions have sacrificed for the rest of us and it's time this was acknowledged by the non union employees.