Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ruh-roh: Missouri chamber gunning for unions. Again.

It might be time for the Overpass Light Brigade to take a road trip to Missouri.
Missouri's chamber of commerce says it will aggressively pursue right-to-work-for-less laws in the Show-Me State.

Yeah, well, we'll show you a few things about right-to-work-for-less: No impact on job creation. More poverty. Lower wages. Poorer education. Less health care. Redistribution of wealth upward. (Oh, wait, that's what it's all about -- rich people taking workers' money!)

The St. Louis Beacon reports,
The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry has announced its “aggressive list of legislative priorities’’ for the coming legislative session -- which include measures to cut business income taxes and to curb union rights. 
The chamber says it also plans to continue its efforts to change the state’s workers compensation system so that it once again deals with occupational diseases, which now are handled separately in the courts. 
And the chamber will lobby legislators to try once again to repair the state’s underfunded Second Injury Fund, set up to cover workers and military veterans who have pre-existing injuries.
It's starting to look like another long year in state capitols where the Benedict Arnold Koch brothers call the shots.