Monday, January 7, 2013

Reads around the Internets: From the Clash to Solidarity license plates

From We party Patriots' Solidarity Soundtrack

We're trying something new: Bringing you random things you might like from the World Wide Web. We'll start off posting it on Mondays, usually a slow news day.

So here goes:

We came across We Party Patriots' Solidarity Soundtrack, a collection of youtube videos with union songs on Pinterest. (Yeah, we know, that's a lot of p's.) Some highlights: Woody Guthrie singing "All You Fascists Bound to Lose."  Bruce Springsteen performing "Factory" before a live audience. Tom Morello singing "Union Town."

We Party Patriots explain themselves here:
We Party Patriots, creators of the #1u Twitter hashtag, exists to counter and correct the excessive misinformation that is broadcast regarding the rights of the Modern American Worker and the needs of the New American Economy. Our mission is to attract the American public to the information resources necessary to elect candidates who represent the country’s best interests and to encourage the American people to participate in the achievement of policy initiatives that embolden the middle class and those in pursuit of the American dream.
We also like the Pro Labor Alliance in Massachusetts. Check out their Facebook page here. They're currently working with the Massachusetts RMV to produce Collective Bargaining Solidarity license plates. Here's how they describe their mission: support organized labor and its members through education, organizing, and member actions, to preserve and promote collective bargaining for future generations of the labor movement.
We've told you about Labor 411's guide to union products and services. But it doesn't hurt to remind you. Their Facebook page is here and their online directory is here. Labor 411 has a neat directory of services as well as products for Los Angeles and San Francisco, and we hear they may be expanding to more cities.

And if you're into Twitter, we suggest you follow two of our Teamster brothers: Ninja Tweeters @erictheteamster and @JimNichols. They're from Local 728 in Atlanta. @cathysherwin, who's with the AFL-CIO, will keep you updated on labor news in the Midwest. @josheidelson, who writes for The Nation, will keep you posted on all things Wal-Mart.