Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NJ guv livid that Congress failed to vote on Sandy relief

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie isn't usually our cup of tea, but today he excoriated House Republicans in a press conference that we can endorse.

House Speaker John Boehner refused to take up a bill to provide relief to Sandy victims -- and to cover the bill for overtime costs cleaning up after the superstorm.

Business Insider reports,
"There is only one group to blame," Christie said. "The House Majority and John Boehner." 
"Last night, the House Majority failed most the basic test of leadership and they did so with callous disregard to the people of my state," he said. "It was disappointing and disgusting to watch."  
"Shame on you, shame on Congress."  
Asked who he thought was responsible on the holdup over Sandy aid, Christie did not mince words in laying the blame entirely on House Speaker Boehner. 
"It was the Speaker's decision — his alone," Christie said, adding that he was given no explanation for the decision to pull the Sandy bill. He said that he tried to reach Boehner four times, but that the Speaker did not take his calls until this morning.
We hear House Republicans may reconsider as they are being blasted by members of their own party. Stay tuned.