Sunday, January 13, 2013

Missouri Teamsters to face off against Bill Gates on Republic's nuclear waste dump

Yup, that Bill Gates.
Our brothers and sisters in Missouri are trying to force Bill Gates to stop endangering the lives of Bridgeton, Mo., residents -- even as Teamsters all over the country try to prevent Gates from destroying their retirement.

Gates is the majority shareholder of Republic. Joint Council 13 tells us an underground fire at Republic's landfill in Bridgeton is threatening to ignite two nuclear waste dump sites.
Republic Waste across the country is trying to destroy Teamsters pensions for our members. They are now also attacking our members futures with there attack on our members Central States Pension. NOW an underground fire at the Republic Bridgeton, Missouri, landfill is threatening to ignite two illegal nuclear waste dump sites at the landfill. The working class community of Bridgeton is at risk, our water supply is at risk and the landfill workers have no union protection.
KMOV tells us,
...residents living near the Republic Services, Inc. landfill in Bridgeton, Missouri have been complaining about a terrible odor in their neighborhoods that is burning their eyes and causing headaches. The Pattonville Fire Department has been investigating and is concerned about the 3-fold temperature increase over the past three months. The landfill took in household waste, but years ago jet fuel had been dumped there. What is even more concerning, is that while the heat and vapors are growing and moving southwest, there is radioactive waste on the north end of the landfill, and there is nothing to act as a barrier. According to The Post Dispatch, the problems with the landfill began in January, 2011.
Joint Council 13 President Marvin Cropp is urging Teamsters and all right-thinking people to attend an EPA public hearing on Thursday, Jan. 17, at 6:30 pm.  Writes Brother Kropp:
Labor’s voice must be heard . Help us tell Republic to stop abusing St. Louis workers and our communities and hands off our Teamster Pensions. Let’s tell the EPA to force Republic Services to clean up the Bridgeton landfill and stop the fire.
It's at Machinists Hall Dist. 9, 12365 St. Charles Rk. Road, Bridgeton, Mo. For information contact Marvin Kropp, President Teamsters Joint Council 13 (314) 426-4618. And for more information on the attack on Teamsters sanitation workers, go to