Saturday, January 5, 2013

Koch-linked group to punish members of Congress who voted for Sandy aid

A second group linked to the Benedict Arnold Koch brothers is trying to sabotage relief for victims of Superstorm Sandy. 

We've already told you how Americans for Prosperity, which is David Koch's baby, is lobbying against hurricane relief -- even as Americans shiver and starve in the Northeast.  

Now another Koch-linked group, the Club for Growth, says it will punish members of Congress who support aid for people suffering because of the superstorm. 

The Hill reports,
The Club will “key-vote” the measure, using it to compile an annual rating for each lawmaker. 
The House on Thursday morning approved the $9.7-billion increase in funding for the National Flood Insurance Program. The bill passed easily in a bipartisan 354-67 vote.
Remember how, two years ago,  Club for Growth was on the airwaves promoting Wisconsin Job-killer Gov. Scott Walker's anti-worker bill before lawmakers had even seen the legislation? We do.

What is wrong with these people?