Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hundreds form "Walk of Shame" to protest Mich. RTW in Lansing

Hundreds of working people lined the sidewalks of Lansing today to greet returning lawmakers with a "Walk of Shame." Signs and shouts condemned the elected officials who voted for anti-worker "No Rights At Work" laws in the lame duck session late last year.

Tweeted @ProgressMich:
Hundreds of working Michiganders gathered at the Capitol this morning to send a message to politicians who betrayed the middle class.
Workers held large photos of lawmakers who voted for "No Rights at Work" with the word "Shame" emblazoned across their faces. Other signs said, "Thanks, Snyder, for the $1,500 pay cut" and "Gov. Snyder, bought and paid for by Dick DeVos." DeVos is the Ponzi scheme Amway heir who lobbied hard for the sneak attack on working families.

The Detroit Free Press reported few of the Republicans who voted for the legislation had the courage to face the angry union members: of the only Republicans to brave the gauntlet — former Lt. Gov. Dick Posthumus, now a senior adviser to Gov. Rick Snyder — walked the path lined on either side with placard-carrying protesters without hearing a single catcall, after nobody recognized him. 
“You got off easy,” a Michigan State Police trooper told Posthumus as he entered the Capitol. 
“That’s a good thing,” Posthumus replied. 
Posthumus appeared unaware of the protest until he was already partly up the main path.
Michigan workers later passed out broken cookies to lawmakers who broke their promises to their constituents.  Sen. Gretchen Whitmer got unbroken cookies for her staunch support of working families.

Democrats gave "Tea Party" membership cards to extremist senators and representatives. The card reads:
Your Tea Party Membership entitles you to:
  • Hike taxes on seniors and middle-class families, while giving away billions to corporate CEOs
  • Slash funding for public schools and universities
  • Attack women's rights and health care
  • Undermine collective bargaining  
  • Direct line to Dick DeVos and Koch brothers for instructions on how to vote.
See the photos at Working Michigan's Facebook page.