Tuesday, January 8, 2013

ALEC lawmaker in GA to step down in disgrace

Remember when loony Georgia state lawmakers tried to make it a felony to conspire to picket? Fortunately that attack on basic rights was defeated by our brothers and sisters at Local 728 in Atlanta, along with the Tea Party, faith leaders, community groups and other labor unions.

Well, Sen. Don Balfour was one of the leaders of that attack.  And now it looks as if he's stepping down from his powerful committee post. Reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
Informally, word has long been out that Don Balfour, R-Snellville, had reached the end of his tenure as chairman of the Senate Rules Committee. Officially, nothing has changed.
Better Georgia, a populist good-government group, was pretty happy about the news (so were our brothers and sisters at Local 728).
News is breaking today that Senate Rules Chair Don Balfour will step down from his leadership post. 
You’ll remember that during the last election season Better Georgia broadcast an ad pointing out Sen. Balfour’s unethical behavior during his time as an elected official. (That's the video above.)
In September, Georgia law enforcement officials announced Balfour was under criminal investigation for filing false expense reports.

And are you surprised to learn that he's a member of ALEC, the corporate dating service for state lawmakers that's linked to the Benedict Arnold Koch brothers?

We thought not.