Thursday, July 12, 2012

Woo-hoo! Sorrento strike settled, Teamsters ratify contract

But thumbs up for 100% solidarity.
That was fast! Teamsters from Local 264 in Buffalo ratified a 3-year contract with Sorrento-Lactalis yesterday after walking off the production line on Monday.

Local 264 tells us:
Late today, after a work stoppage marked by 100% solidarity, Teamsters Local #264 and Sorrento-Lactalis, Inc. reached a tentative three (3) year deal.  Wage increases, maintenance of comprehensive health care coverage and a host of positive non-economic provisions were attained.
The tentative agreement was approved by the membership at a ratification vote just concluded. 
The 257 Union members stood tall, stood together and stood proud.  We salute them.  And now it is time to resume making the best cheese products on the market: Sorrento Ricotta and Sorrento Mozzarella. 
Teamsters Local 264 represents nearly 5000 members throughout Western New York in both the Public and Private Sectors.
The reason for the strike? Local 264, again:

The work stoppage was authorized 209-6 in a secret ballot vote taken two weeks ago and was provoked by Sorrento Cheese’s unilateral imposition, effective 7/2/12 of inferior terms for health care coverage.
“Enough is enough.  This fight is for our families and ourselves but also for the 99% of Americans who now live in constant fear of losing their health care coverage because they can no longer afford it.  We have drawn the line and are not stepping back from it”, said Joe Nowak, Teamsters Local 264 Business Agent.
A high-five to our brothers and sisters in New York state for such awesome solidarity!