Tuesday, July 12, 2011

VA GOP group robocalling WI voters to stay at home

The Right to Life Committee in Virginia is right now making robocalls to voters in Wisconsin, telling them to wait for an absentee ballot -- in other words, they're lying to people so they won't vote in the recall primary today.

Just a reminder: election fraud is a crime.

Wisconsin's peerless blogger, Blue Cheddar, has the story:
If you get a robocall informing you that you should not vote in a recall election in Wisconsin today, please know you’ve been lied to. You need to go to the polls between the hours of 7AM and 8PM and vote in person as usual. It is too late to use an absentee ballot and if you ever do so, you will be consulting with your local clerk.
Blue Cheddar is collecting information from people who are getting the calls. So is WI Voices, which reports on the election fraud in District 10 (Subsidy Sheila Harsdorf's district). A fake Democrat is running against a real Democrat, Shelly Moore, in a primary today. Here's WI Voices:
Registered Democrats from all over the district are reporting the same thing. They are receiving a robocall from a Right to Life group explaining that they don’t have to go to the polling station to vote, “You don’t need to worry. Your absentee ballot is in the mail.
This is NOT true. Today, Tuesday July 12, is the last day to vote in the Democratic Primary. You DO NOT have time to mail in your ballot at this point. If you intend to vote, go to your nearest polling station today to vote or to deliver your absentee ballot in person. This robocall is illegal activity and election fraud at its worst. If you receive this call from phone number 703-410-3201, or any other number with area code “703″, RECORD it and report it.
Blue Cheddar is hearing the calls are also targeted at District 30, which is where our Teamster brother Dave Hansen faces a recall election (not a primary) on July 19.  Here's what else Blue Cheddar is hearing:
Just got a recorded phone call from VIRGINIA from the right to life people, saying that they would be mailing me an absentee ballot, for the upcoming recall elections, within the next few days and they would appreciate it if I would sign it and return it within the next five days! WHAT THE HECK IS THAT ALL ABOUT! I’m pretty sure that if I need an absentee ballot that I have to get it from my town clerk…..the recording said that if I had questions, I could reach the right to life offices at 877-855-5007. The phone call came from 703-410-3201.” [this note is from a district 30 resident]
Stay tuned. We'll have more.