Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Possible government closure is politics at its worst

Same stuff, different year. It's certainly true when it comes to a budget crisis in D.C.

If it seems like Congress has been down this federal government shutdown road before, that's of course because it has. As usual, it is one issue that a few lawmakers have gotten a bee in their bonnet about that is causing this. And they are willing to close the doors to the Capitol and throw millions out of work temporarily to prove their point.

Workers protested the last federal shutdown in October 2013.
Even though the public has time and again shown it doesn't support government shutdowns for whatever reason, that isn't stopping the most conservative elements of Congress from pushing for it. And if those on Capitol Hill decide to do it again, it will be yet another shining example of broken government.

As The Fiscal Times wrote:
Washington begins this week on high alert, with the very real prospect that federal workers will be sent packing, government buildings and museums will be shuttered and national parks and the Washington Monument will be closed to the public in a week and a half unless both sides come to their senses. Politics are as fractured as ever today, with right wing Republicans not only battling with President Obama and the Democrats over spending issues and the Iran nuclear deal, but also threatening to topple their own leaders.
The Teamsters, as part of our "Let's Get America Working" campaign, have stressed the need for government to work in a bipartisan manner to improve the lives of workers and the economy. Any move that shutters the government, obviously, doesn't help accomplish that goal. In fact, it just makes people more angry.

This union is pushing for rebuilding, repairing and reinvestment not only because it will improve infrastructure, but as a way to rebuild and repair the trust between government and workers by reinvesting in people that have and can continue to make this country great. Better pay will lead to more spending and improve our quality of life. That way we all win.

Nobody wins, however, when the federal government is shut down. Not politicians, not corporations, not the economy. And certainly not everyday Americans just trying to support their families.