Sunday, February 3, 2013

What real union people say about unions

Back again by popular demand:

Gail M McMahon
Before I worked in a Union, my kids and I lived on the border of poverty. We had just enough to eat modestly, had an old but functional car, a small apartment, but nothing extra. No vacations, no luxuries, few clothes and I had to work two jobs, which took me away from my children more than I wanted. Once I got a job working in a union position, life became bearable. We could pay our bills, but a new car when the other one died, buy new clothes for the children instead of hand me downs...and I only had to work one job, which as a single mom meant everything to us. 
God bless the Union for making my life better. Now that I am retired, I can count on my pension to make life good. Again thank you.
Tyler Avery
My grandfather just retired from local 320, he was a buisness agent. Showed me how to think for myself, stand up for whats right, and never back down because someone depends on the support. True american hero, took me on my first strike when I was 12 years old. Long live the little man!
Franz Kremzar 
A retired Teamster living the American Dream with the Teamster Pension!!!
Buddy Allen
I was born into a Teamster family have been a Teamster all my life and now i am retiring a Teamster I have a pension and I thank the Teamsters for it . GO UNIONS.
Robert E. Morgey 
I have to say the teamsters were the only ones who gave me a job when I came from Nam. Everyone else slammed the door in my face when I mentioned being a Vet.
Teamsterdan Rasputin
AMEN to that "Robert"!!!! as a PGW vet and a 20 yr. teamster I have always said the union and the military offered me the same thing OPPORTUNITY, and i ran with it..... yesterday we (upsers) received our last raise of the current contract and I thank my union for making that happen.......and for fighting for us to have another round of successful contract negotiations........ALLONS