Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Vote No on No Rights At Work for Missouri! (Poll)

The Overpass Light Brigade says it best. 
The Missouri Times is running an online poll on No Rights At Work. You can find it here (upper right of the page). Please take a moment to vote 'No.'

Right now we're winning, 54-46, but let's croak 'em.

Here's what happened at today's hearing in the Missouri Statehouse, according to the Associated Press.
A standing room only crowd spilled into the Capitol hallway Wednesday to watch a Missouri House committee hearing on a bill barring payment of union dues as a condition of employment. 
Union members sat silently as the House Workforce Development committee debated the merits of "right-to-work" legislation. The measure's sponsor, Rep. Eric Burlison, said the measure would increase Missouri's economic competiveness. He said companies are not relocating to Missouri because it is not a "freedom to work state." 
The committee's Democrats argued that the measure would allow people to "freeload" by garnering benefits from a union contract but not paying any dues. 
Meanwhile, Progress Missouri posted audio of national No Rights At Work representatives conspiring with state lawmakers to pass the bill. They were holding a strategy session last night in the State Capitol. You can listen to the audio here.