Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rich Fox contributor mocks workers in front of Teamsters HQ

Ingraham tweeted this photo of workers preparing
to take down an inauguration banner
in front of the IBT Building
Millionaire radio hostess Laura Ingraham posted this tweet today:

"Working" outside Teamsters Bldg in DC, en route to radio...

Ingraham makes a good living calling people fat while sitting comfortably in a warm studio. But she mocks actual workers in front of the Teamsters headquarters today, where they were about to take down a banner. In the cold. From five stories up.

She has talked about her work as a radio host: Three hours a day, five days a week. For which she is well paid.

We're a little surprised, frankly. Fox relentlessly pushes the agenda of corporate CEOs and billionaires. But at least it puts a populist facade on its anti-worker propaganda. That's because Fox has to pretend to hate elitists and to speak for ordinary Americans. Otherwise no one would watch it.

But maybe revealing little slips like Ingraham's today are the reason Fox News' ratings are sinking.