Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No Rights At Work rears ugly head in Missouri today

Missouri workers are packing a Statehouse hearing room right now because politicians are once again trying to ram No Rights At Work through the Legislature.

Missourians rejected No Rights At Work years ago, but the politicians pushing the bill don't care what the people want. Many of them belong to the Benedict Arnold Koch brothers-funded ALEC, so they have access to plenty of corporate cash. (Plus, ALEC will take them on lavish vacations at little or no cost to themselves.) 

ALEC wrote the bill in order to lower working families' standard of living -- and to raise it for the 1 percent. (But you probably figured that out.)

Last night, lackeys for the vast anti-worker conspiracy met to plot with state lawmakers. They included the Koch-linked National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, the Western Michigan Policy Forum (funded by Ponzi scheme Amway heir Dick DeVos) and the National Tax Limitation Committee (founded by a Californian and funded by the tobacco industry).  

Mark Mix, chief stooge for the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, came to testify. 
Democratic Rep. Kevin McManus had a few words for him:
Thanks for coming down here and telling us what's right for Missouri.
So did Rep. Karla May:
Isn't this a national agenda to silence workers?
And Rep. Jacob Hummel asked:
Do the people that didn't vote for you still have to pay taxes to pay your salary, or can they refuse?
Hummel also pointed out that ExpressScripts is bringing 5,000 good jobs to Missouri WITHOUT No Rights At Work laws.

If you live in Missouri, please contact your state representatives today to tell them to stop these attacks on workers. Progress Missouri has a handy form you can fill out here If you don't know who your representative is, go here. For your senator, go here.

Hummel: ExpressScripts are moving TO Missouri, a non- #RTW state, bringing 5000 jobs and good wages.

Need a guide to myths and facts about No Rights At Work? You can find one here.