Monday, February 4, 2013

End the War on Kansas Workers (petition)

Kansas Republicans may be as crazy as their counterparts in Michigan. They're trying to destroy the state's economy by eradicating unions.

The Kansas City Star reports the GOP's latest ploy is to prohibit members of public employee unions from even voluntarily having dues deducted from their paychecks.

They also want unions to get written permission from their members every year to use dues for political purposes.

They claim the legislation is no big deal. But one of their winged monkeys lobbyists made the mistake of telling the truth in front of an electronic recording device. It's all about busting unions.

Two bills, HB 2023 and SB 3, have been introduced to enact the two proposed changes.

You can sign a petition here to express your disgust with these attacks on workers. The petition says:
Working families should have the same right to make their voices heard in politics as anyone else. 
HB 2023 and SB 31 are a direct attempt at silencing the hard working men and women of Kansas. What workers decide to do with their paychecks is none of the Government's business. 
It's time for the Government to get off of workers backs, out of their paychecks, and to end these outrageous attempt to strip workers of their First Amendment rights simply because they chose to join a union.
Ya gotta wonder: What's the matter with Kansas?  (Oh wait, Koch Industries is headquartered in Wichita...)