Friday, October 5, 2012

Online 'Buy American' store opens

If we can make it here, we should buy it here.

That's the philosophy of the Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA), which opened its online Buy American store yesterday. Now, with the click of a mouse, you can buy Made-in-America products from clothing and chairs to pistols and beef.

The CPA is a coalition of American workers, farmers, manufacturers and ranchers. The news release they issued yesterday shows they're something different. Here it is:
As of today, the customer dollars you spend.
Won’t be funneled to another country.
By a big department store that buys mostly imports.
As of today, every purchase you make.
Will help an American company.
And will help CPA, not a multinational retailer, get stronger.
To serve your interests.
As of today, you don’t have to say.
“Where can I buy American?  It’s so hard.”
Our online store is live.
CPA Buy American!
With high quality products.
Excellent socks.  Solid construction.
Made in Wisconsin.  By U.S. workers.
USA raised beef.  Better than the name brands you buy now.
From cattle raised in Kansas.  Processed in Colorado.
By a CPA member company.
CPA brand shirts and jackets.  For men and women.
Made in Kansas.  By union workers.  In our country.
Classic pistols.  Precision machined.
Accuracy and beauty like no other pistol.  Anywhere.
Made in Pennsylvania.  By a CPA member company.
Leather belts.  That last and look great.
Made in Illinois.  Here, in America.
Hats.  For going out in the city or to do chores on the ranch.
Made in Pennsylvania. By a CPA member.
Boys swim trunks.  That are comfortable.
From a company started by moms who care.  About their sons.
Made in New York.
And we’ll only get more.  In our store.  More products.
Solid quality.  Cheaper shipping over time.  More variety.
If we make a mistake, we’ll fix it for you.
Continuous improvement.  From here on out.
Every way we can.
We want whats best.  For you.  For America.
Starting today.  In the CPA Buy American store.
For our future.
Happy shopping!