Tuesday, July 12, 2011

VIDEO: Walker drowned out by boos today

This does our heart good.

The Journal Times has the story:
Gov. Scott Walker was barely audible as hundreds countered his speech with shouts of "Shame" during Gateway Technical College's centennial celebration Tuesday.
"It's insulting to all of the students, staff and businesses who depend on technical colleges to have someone who just slashed our funding by 30 percent," said Michael Rosen, a state board member with the Wisconsin Technical College System.
"He can't be seriously attending this celebration," he said
Rosen was among the estimated 400 people at the event to mark the centennial year of the country's first technical college, 1001 S. Main St.
More than half of the attendees, however, came to jeer the governor with many wearing anti-Walker and pro-union attire.
Some of the protesters stood with their backs away from Walker and others walked away before the governor finished his speech.
We've just gotta recall this guy. But in the meantime, polls are closed in Wisconsin for the first primary recall election. Hang on to your hats, boys and girls.