Saturday, July 9, 2011

Flash mob today on Michele Bachmann FB page

We're not exactly pleased that Michele Bachmann said she "hopes" unemployment stays high to improve her chances of winning the presidency of the United States.  According to The Examiner,
In an interview, Bachmann is asked about the dismal June jobs report from the Labor Department. The host asked Bachmann, “Does it strike you that as unemployment goes up, your chances of winning office also go up?” Bachmann responded by saying, “Well that could be. Again, I hope so.” ... A higher unemployment would likely help her defeating President Obama in the general election, but many might consider it callous for her to acknowledge that possibility in public or to “hope” for higher unemployment numbers.  (Ya think?)
This afternoon, there will be a flash mob on Bachmann's Facebook page at 2 pm Central Time. It aims to replicate the recent flash mob on wine connoisseur Paul Ryan's Facebook page, depicted in the youtube video above. 

Already, more than 600 people have signed up on the Protest Michelle Bachmann FB Flash Mob - 2pm CDT Facebook page, which offers instruction on how to participate.