Friday, June 3, 2011

Christie pays for chopper, doesn't say he's sorry

New Jersey's morbidly obese governor, Chris Christie, yesterday agreed to repay state taxpayers $2,151 for taking a state chopper (aka a public resource) to attend his son's baseball game. The New Jersey Republican Party will also pay $1,232.29 because Christie took the helicopter to Princeton to meet with Republican donors who want him to run for president (BWAAA-HAAAA-HAAA!!!!).

The Lakewood View reported Christie made no apologies. He said,
I'm governor 24-7, every single day, but I'm also a father. And the fact of the matter is, sometimes when you are governor, you do not control your schedule.
Are there any working parents out there who feel any sympathy for Christie? No? We thought not. Christie has way more flexibility in his schedule than the rest of us working stiffs who clock in and clock out of our jobs. (Oh, and btw, Christie had enough flexibility in his 24/7 job as governor to stay on vacation in Florida during the Christmas blizzard that pummeled New Jersey.)

Christie also called an assemblywoman a "jerk" after she criticized him for, well, not exactly sharing in the sacrifice that he's demanding from state workers.
Christie did say one thing we agree with:
"I also understand this is a really fun media story for all of you," he told reporters at a bill signing ceremony in Denville.
Well, yeah.